UCL Singapore Society

UCL Alumni (Singapore) Membership

As a member of the Alumni Society, you will be invited to social events and seminars organised by the Society itself and others.

There are three types of membership – Life, Ordinary and Associate. Life and Ordinary members are eligible for additional benefits and are identified with a membership card shown below.

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Membership Eligibility and Subscription Rates

Life (Subscription fee = $500 for life membership)
An Ordinary Member may, at the Committee’s discretion, to be elected a Life Member on payment of a sum equivalent to twenty times the current Ordinary Membership subscription of Life Membership subscription.

Provided that any Ordinary Member who has served as a member for 20 consecutive years shall be automatically converted to a Life Member, without the payment of Life Membership subscription.

Ordinary (Subscription fee = $25 / annum)
All persons who are graduates of a course of study of not less than one academic year or who have successfully completed any postgraduate degree from UCL shall be eligible for Ordinary Membership.

Graduates in the first year after graduation are given one-year of free ordinary membership.

Associate (No subscription fee)
All persons who are currently pursuing a course of study of not less than one academic year at UCL shall be eligible for Associate Membership.

All current and past academic staff of UCL shall be eligible for Associate Membership.

Associate Members shall not be eligible to vote at meetings or to hold office, and are not eligible for any additional members' benefits.

Register as new member / Update your contact details

To register as a new member, please complete the online registration form .

If you have not received any news about the alumni through e-mail or the post though you had previously signed up as a member, please contact membership@uclas.org . It is likely that we do not have your updated contact details and your e-mail address. We want to do our best in reaching out to every alumni member in Singapore.