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UCL Alumni Singapore Welcomes New Graduates at Year-end Dinner

17 November 2010

Dear members

Another exciting year is coming to an end and we are organizing a year-end gathering for the UCL family in Singapore. At the same time, we would like to welcome new members, those who have just graduated this year or have moved to Singapore recently!

Our new alumni are embarking on another phase of their life and we believe they will appreciate all the advice and help from seniors. For this, we have a few alumni who have volunteered to say a few words during the event. We welcome more members to share their work experience and provide realistic expectations as a new graduate in their first job or an insight to employers' perspectives. We plan to have 10-15 minutes speeches interspersed throughout the course of dinner.

Dinner shall be at one of the few Chinese restaurants in Singapore that serves authentic Chinese Imperial cuisine. Yes, fit only for the Emperor! There are a few exquisite dishes that are prepared to perfection, refined and well-balanced in taste, and in Chinese cuisine, the 'knife' skill is second only to the Emperor.

Details for the event are as follows:

Venue :
Date : 17 November 2010
Time : 7 - 10 pm

The restaurant can accommodate a maximum of 30+10 persons (minimum 30), so please make your reservations online and send your payment as soon as possible. The cost shall be $40 per person for a 10-course dinner. First-degree graduates from 2009 and later, the cost is $30 per person.

Please sign up on the online form and send your payments to the address below by 5th November 2010 . Cheques to be addressed to University College London Alumni (S).

Mailing Address:
University College London Alumni (S)
Attn: Lim Wee Lit
283B Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276568

We look forward to seeing you!

Executive Committee, UCL Alumni (Singapore)